Commitment to think different, build better and leave a legacy

Think different

We endeavour to think and create differently in all that we do, and we partner with professionals who share in this worldview.

Those who challenge the status quo, innovate, and create the unique across architecture, design, and construction realms to deliver the best possible outcomes and places for customers and the community.

Build better

We build value into our projects by building them to last and delivering on quality.

Quality is never an accident. It’s the result of careful planning and execution. The design, the materials and vision underpinned by the skill and workmanship of our construction partners resulting in exceptional places, built better … by design.

Leave a Legacy

By delivering design led projects that are built to last, we help to redefine city living by building places where people want to live, play, and work.

Through this we shape the city and its environs and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Quality is never an accident. It’s the result of careful planning and execution.

Peter Henley


Peter founded Jandera Group in 2018 as an extension of his commitment to think differently, build better and leave a legacy. As a creative with a clear vision, a passion for property and an entrepreneurial spirit, Peter works with professionals who aspire to create the extraordinary.

Prior to founding Jandera Group, Peter held management positions with Queensland’s top contractors and developers delivering over $120m worth of projects across high-rise residential, aged care and student living.

Peter draws inspiration from architecture, design and the creative industries and has a deep interest in technology, innovation and small business and strives to create a company that develops on behalf of our community and delivers on our promises to all stakeholders.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Urban Development (Construction Management) (Hons) from the Queensland University of Technology.

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